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Theatres, music halls, taxi bars, variety playhouses, hostess bars and brothels... As the journalists Paul Bowles once said, the Chinatown in Barcelona is one of the most depraved quarters all across Europe. And our journey sets off on the Paral.lel from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when top artists like Bella Dorita or Raquel Meller stepped on the stages of the very many theatres and playhouses. And the history of El Molino, El Bagadad or Barcelona's nightlife, a stop at the former Eden's Concert, a music hall regularly visited by artists like Picasso located at the doors of the magnificent Palau Güell. And rumour has it that the Count Güell made his guards go out when his daughters came home to make it impossible for the girls to see all the immoral acts which, after them, happened right across the street. And from there to the Rambla of love...



1. Meeting point: El Molino (min 1-10)
2. Parc de les 3 xemeneies (min 10-20)
3. Statue of Raquel Meller (min 20-25)
4. Bagdad, live porn show from the Spanish Transition (min 25-35)
5. C/Tapies, the street where most naughty bars of the city are (min. 35-40)
6. C/d'en Robador-Filmoteca. Prostitution in Chinatown or Southern Raval; hostess bars,
houses of rubbers and wash and "houses of barrets" (min. 45-60)
7. C/ Nou de la Rambla: Eden's Concert and Picasso. The Palau Güell (min. 60-75)
8. La Rambla (min. 75-80)
9. MEB - Erotic Museum of Barcelona

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