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100,000 million visitors a year, one of the four most visited promenades in the world, but who knows all the history and gossips hidden in it? It all starts with the winged Phemes surrounding the Monument to Columbus, where this tour sets off. Have you heard about Cristobel Columbus's love for the queen Isabella I of Castile? And then we get to the lowest bars where artists and bohemians sought for inspiration. Did you know that Jean Genet was inspired by the brothel Madame petite for his work Querelle of Brest? And that Picasso's Lady at Eden's Concert was inspired by the music hall located in carrer Nou de la Rambla? "While Russians and Japanese made war, the earliest cocottes dropped by the Eden and left little red spots on Barcelonan's exited moustaches" wrote Josep M. Planes. You will also learn the history behind La Boquería, which, before becoming the market it is, used to be the convent of Sant Josep, where young Barcelonans would attend mass seven Sundays in a row before declaring their love to a "pubilla"...



1. Meeting point: Monument to Columbus (min 1-10)
2. El Pastís, an intimate pub (min 10-15)
3. C/Montserrat: El Cangrejo, a lively and perky bar (min 15-20)
4. C/Arc del Teatre: History of prostitution (min 20-30)
5. La Rambla 24-25, traces of the resistance (min. 30-35)
6. Panams show girls and Welcome Mr. Marshall (min. 35-40)
7. Plaça Reial, the first "house of barrets" (min. 40-55)
8. C/Nou de la Rambla: "Eden's Concert" and Picasso. Red-light shops and houses
of rubbers and wash (min. 55-70)
9. C/ Hospital: History of La Sileta and the arts student (min. 70-75)
10. La Rambla: La Boqueria (min. 75-80)
11. MEB - Erotic Museum of Barcelona

- Hours: From Monday to Sunday from 9 h to 13h and from 16 h to 19 h
Available languages: Spanish, Catalan, English y French.
*For other hours and languages check availability.

Booking and information: info@erotica-museum.com / +34 933 189 865/.